Customized Intensive Outpatient Programs

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Intensive Outpatient Programs in Orange County

The Intensive Outpatient Programs at Harmony Heals address the needs of clients who are best served by multiple therapy sessions on a weekly basis. We are a full psychological and mental health team, and through decades of working with mental health, addiction, and eating disorder issues, we have discovered that using non-traditional and traditional therapies together is most effective.

Customized IOP

Our Customized Intensive Outpatient Program (CIOP) is designed to meet the needs of each individual client through intensive individual therapy, ancillary services, and/or groups. The CIOP program is perfect for executives, those with full-time jobs, and those who don't want to participate in a traditional group IOP. After evaluation by a member of the treatment team, a custom treatment program is designed which meets the clinical needs of the client as well as accommodating his or her schedule and financial situation. The CIOP program is revised regularly as clinically appropriate, weaning off over time. Morning, evening and mixed morning/evening options available.

Customized Eating Disorder Program

Our Customized Eating Disorder Program takes a multidisciplinary approach to helping adolescents and adults recover from the devastating effects of living with an eating disorder. Clients are closely followed by a specialized treatment team including a primary therapist, nutritionist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, and adjunct therapists who offer specialized treatment modalities as needed. The treatment team are in communication on a weekly basis and adjust the client's program as needed. Morning, evening and mixed morning/evening options available.

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