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Ancillary Holistic Services

In order to provide the highest quality care possible to all our clients, we have a host of ancillary holistic services that can give us further insight into their specific health needs. This can mean medical evaluations for determining quantitative physical health levels, psychiatric evaluations for possible co-occurring disorders, and medically appropriate pain management.
With chiropractic care and bio/neurofeedback therapy we can address nagging health issues that exacerbate stress in the client and inhibit healing. By gaining a full spectrum picture of a client’s health, we can then create a holistic wellness plan that targets any and all of their health issues. This often means employing a personalized exercise and nutrition plan in conjunction with all of our many effective treatment services. For clients who have other specific requirements for their physical or mental health, we can refer them to care providers in our network who can address their needs while still in treatment at Harmony Heals.


Bio/Neurofeedback is an evidence-based procedure that uses electronic biomedical devices to observe and record an individual person’s unique brain waves. By using this powerful tool, clients can learn what triggers their negative thought patterns, addictive cravings, and stress. This enables us to work with them to integrate this self-knowledge into their overall treatment plan and effectively assist a person in achieving long-lasting behavioral changes.

EEG and rTMS

EEg and RTMS at Harmony Heals is conducted by Dr. Jin. The EEG is a process of brain scanning that can visually and scientifically show evidence of addiction, depression, and anxiety in the brain. Once we have identified what the imbalances in the brain are, we can target those issues for therapy. RTMS is a healing therapy that adjusts and balances different wavelengths in the brain in the same way that chiropractors realign bones and muscles in the body.


A spinal imbalance can affect the body in many ways, including increasing pain levels and anxiety. Since our approach is one of wellness for our clients, we understand that a physical imbalance can create mental and emotional imbalances as well. Our chiropractor uses a combination of traditional chiropractic treatment and auriculotherapy to rebalance the body, allowing the client to focus on healing their emotional and mental imbalances.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Sometimes while in the process of treatment, we notice other indicators of possible issues that may be connected to addiction. These co-occurring disorders, if left untreated, can interfere with the healing required for sobriety. When we suspect an underlying problem, we recommend a psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation can help illuminate general mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorders in clients. From there, we can refer clients to appropriate psychiatric services or care in addition to the treatment they are receiving.

Some clients also come to us with issues regarding pain management or sleep disorders. At Harmony Heals, we take a conservative approach to these problems that values therapy over medication while still being compassionate to the legitimate medical issues that clients may have. The psychiatric professionals in our network take their time when prescribing pain medication and dosage so that clients can get the pain management they need without triggering their addictions.

Often times specific therapies or individualized physical wellness and exercise plans that include yoga, massage, and acupuncture can greatly relieve pain in clients and help reduce their need for prescription pain medications. As clients begin to heal on emotional and spiritual levels, often they notice a decrease in physical pain as well.

Medical Evaluation

Often we conduct a medical evaluation for clients who are first admitted into our program so that we are able to distinguish between medical ailments, mental health issues, and addiction related problems. This allows us to treat each facet of a person’s health with appropriate care.

Clients in IOP who have any unexpected medical needs that arise, such as sudden physical pain, a hormone imbalance, or a thyroid problem, should know that we have the ability to refer clients to appropriate medical professionals.

Some behavioral addictions, such as eating disorders, take a toll on a persons’ physical health. Clients who are struggling with an eating disorder are connected with a medical doctor who performs a full physical evaluation and quantitative lab tests to determine their overall health. Gathering the case history of each client enables us to see exactly which specific health issues are present so that we can create an individualized plan to address and heal those problems.

Clients who are currently taking other prescriptions, such as anti-anxiety medications, or who are addicted to opioids or benzodiazepine also receive a medical evaluation to check their quantitative prescription drug levels

Psychological Testing

If you are unclear about a previous mental health issue diagnosis, have a co-occurring disorder, have a diagnosis that doesn’t fit with how you feel, or you want a deeper understanding of what your diagnosis is, we recommend a psychological test. Psychological testing is another treatment modality that is preformed by a licensed clinical psychologist.

There are some types of personality disorders that are simply a part of a person’s individual brain chemistry, and do not change dramatically over time. In those cases, the work becomes understanding how your brain and body interact, and gaining the self-knowledge needed to manage your condition sustainably for healthy day-to-day living.

We’ve found that properly diagnosing a personality disorder is instrumental in order for true, holistic healing to occur.

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