Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy in Laguna, California


Clinical and/or major depression is often characterized by feelings of hopelessness, repeated and perpetual unhappiness, disruption of sleep cycles, fatigue, anxiety, and/or a loss of interest in usual activities. Depression can cause the individual to feel as though they are carrying a heavy burden, and will often isolate themselves, even from family, loved ones, and trusted friends. Those who have experienced depression talk about the utter lack of hope they feel or have once felt. Although overwhelming at times, Harmony Heals can help to provide the proper care needed to help those suffering from depression. Harmony Heals understands that depression is real and not something you can just snap out of. We strive to provide an environment where you can be comforted and supported by people who are able to help you. Our holistic approach will address the chemical imbalance that may occur with depression, along with the emotional overload, and the physical manifestations.

Depression Therapy in Orange County at Harmony Heals


Depression is a real disorder, not just feeling sad or blue. It is a debilitating disorder and greatly impacts quality of life. It is something you have to get help for in order to recover. We want you not only to get the help you need, but also to know that it is possible to heal.





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