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Harmony Heals is dedicated to providing every client with the highest level of regard and care whereby they may experience an opportunity for growth, healing, and hope.


Harmony Heals is a holistic counseling center which provides a loving and nurturing environment where you can heal. We will guide and support you to uncover the wounds and traumatic experiences which hinder your ability to feel that you truly matter. You deserve to be well! We want you to have the life you want and we will give you the tools needed to make that possible.


Harmony is committed to assisting clients in working towards solving their personal, relational, and familial problems. We are licensed and pre-licensed psychotherapists dedicated to healing dual-diagnosis, addictions, trauma, codependency, and relationships. In order to learn to live a more balanced life, we must learn to live in Harmony within all of our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves!

About Us

In 1994, Farid and Gina Tabrizy founded Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit Counseling Center, now known as Harmony Heals, Inc. Their vision was to create a holistic addiction treatment center where the traditional Western practice of therapy could join with the more non-traditional practices of the Eastern philosophies of healing: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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