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Chemical Dependency Program in Orange County, CA

Our chemical dependency program is outpatient only. There are typically two types of clients who are a good fit for this program. The first type is someone who has crossed the line with their substance abuse but does not need the level of care that is offered by hospital care or residential treatment. The second type is someone who has done well in a detox program, inpatient program, or residential program for alcoholism or addiction and is stepping down into a program like ours. Harmony is proud to offer traditional IOP and Customized IOP addressing addiction. Acceptance into either program begins with a phone call where we gather basic information and schedule a face-to-face meeting with our staff.

Harmony Heals prides itself on being able to help those with chemical dependency learn to navigate the ins and outs of living sober, not just getting sober. It is imperative for anyone seeking help with these issues to trust that the treatment they receive is based on clinical outcomes from a team who understands addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering from chemical dependency, please feel free to call us; if we are not the right level of care for you, we will refer you to a program which will better meet your needs.

Customized IOP (CIOP): The Harmony Heals CIOP program is designed to meet each client’s individual needs. After an evaluation with a member of our treatment team, we will recommend a treatment program which is designed to target the areas of treatment necessary to enhance the recovery and overall well-being of the client. Full attention is given to the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the client. We take a team approach where each professional contributes to the treatment plan, meeting weekly to discuss progress and enhance the experience for a successful outcome. The CIOP program is revised as is clinically appropriate for each client, and the client is an active participant in his or her own treatment with the support, guidance, and direction of the treatment team.

Traditional IOP: The small group environment of our traditional IOP program is conducive to building rapport, creating safety and anonymity in order to better focus on core issues. This program is ideal for clients who need additional support and structure to maintain a sober lifestyle. Small groups with similar issues of focus meet for 3 hours/day, 4 days/week, with family intensives on Saturdays. Our traditional IOP program averages 8-12 weeks in length followed by 1 year of free aftercare.

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