Relationship and Family Therapy

Relationship and Family Therapy in Laguna, California


Family therapy is a form of counseling which specializes in treating family relationships. At Harmony Heals, our licensed and pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapists can work with every combination of family relationship (whole families or couples parents with children or individual members) to assist a family to function in more comfortable and useful ways.


Family therapy and parenting education is provided by our qualified staff of therapists, many of whom are parents themselves. We can address various issues, such as:


  • Anger Management for Parents

  • How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

  • How To Make Your Home “Homework-Friendly”

  • Time Management for Parents

  • Children of Divorce Support

  • Managing Your Spirited and Energetic Child

  • Anger and Expression in Children

  • Personal Safety for Your Children

  • Couples: A United Front in Parenting

  • Siblings: What to do When Your Children Don’t get Along

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