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The goal of Harmony Heals Monitoring Services is to support and guide each individual through their transition into recovery.


Harmony Heals, Inc. believes in assisting our clients in maintaining a continuity of care as they progress and move through lower levels of care. One affordable option is the Harmony Heals Monitoring Service. The Monitoring Service provides stable companionship to the recovering addict as they walk through the process of recovery. The Monitoring Service is also geared to individuals who have completed prior treatment, and are looking for support, guidance and accountability once completing detoxification services. Monitoring can be used in conjunction with other outpatient treatment or as a standalone support option.

Monitoring Services in Orange County Text ImageHarmony Heals monitoring services believes that all who are entering into recovery have a need and desire to be seen and heard. The Harmony Heals Monitoring Services in Laguna Hills, California was designed to support and monitor participants in the maintenance of their recovery from addiction, eating disorders, and/or mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and codependency; and to help the individual achieve specific treatment and/or life goals with compassion and integrity.


  • Daily Communication with your treatment professional

  • Random urinalysis drug screening

  • Daily living and treatment plans reviewed and monitored regularly

  • 24 Hour crisis support from on-call treatment professionals

  • Weekly face-to-face individual sessions with a treatment professional

  • Periodic visits to your home to ensure a safe living environment

  • Documentation of client progress and communication with the client’s support system

  • Monitoring of attendance to required meetings, therapist appointments, outpatient programs, etc.


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