Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Orange County, California


At Harmony Heals, our intensive outpatient programs address the needs of our clients who require more than one therapy session on a weekly basis. We are a full psychological and mental health team, and through working with mental health issues, addiction issues, and eating disorder issues, we have discovered that using non-traditional and traditional therapies together are most effective.


Intensive Outpatient Programs for chemical dependency, eating disorders, and mental health


Helping clients find help in the right IOP program.


IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. We are fortunate to be licensed by the state of CA Department of Health Care Services to treat chemical dependency as a facility. This means that someone seeking help for alcoholism or addiction, who does not need a level of care such as residential or inpatient, can come to our chemical dependency program.


Traditional IOP clients have a set schedule that is followed during the week. A customized IOP program is one that is developed based on the needs of each client. The difference is simple. One is an ongoing program with a set schedule that the client must attend, and the other is customized schedule created for one client at a time – no two clients have the same program – it is completely individualized.


Mental health issues sometimes need more than one individual therapy session per week. For these clients, we create customized therapeutic interventions based on availability of time and the clinical needs of each person. Our mental health program is designed once the client walks in the door, is assessed and evaluated, and their issues and needs are determined.

Our eating disorder program addresses each client where they are at, allowing Harmony Heals to help someone suffering from an eating disorder get the help they need.

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