Be honest and truthful with yourself

 It’s time to let go of all the self-hatred, all the self-judgment, all the I’m not good enough.

Time to release all the people-pleasing, all the co-dependence, all the fear of abandonment.

Time to set yourself free all the vengeance in your heart and dishonesty on your lips. Oh yeah, it’s time. It’s time to stand in all that you are!

Our society puts a lot of pressure on us to be something we are not. The pressure from our peers, friends, co-workers, and family may cause you to indulge in behaviors you know are not right for you such as, partying a little to much, self sabotaging, or not being on top of your health and wellness plan. Adding in those extra fake ingredients to be palatable and more pleasing. Or worse, chopping yourself up into pieces and choosing the best piece you believe will be most valued in that situation. The piece that would assemble the most praise or love to make you feel “whole.” It’s easy to get caught up in delivering an unauthentic you, living your life in tiny fractions of your true self.

You NO longer have to live this way. You no longer have to pretend to be something you’re not. You no longer have to suffer in your addictions, ego and pride. It’s time to accept all parts of you, even the dark sides. Take off the armor and step into the raw you.

Love yourself, and not just one part or fragments. Don’t just love the parts that deserve to be loved, or the parts that readily show up every day to make your day bright and happy. It’s your choice to make a change.

Stand in all your loveliness, all your frailty, all your deviance.

Stand in all your magic, all your incompleteness, all your devotion.

Love all of who you are, no matter if some of those parts have been shamed, embarrassed or unacknowledged in the past. Even more reason why they need to be loved.

Love your darkness because it is a lesson about the risk of allowing yourself to become vulnerable, in times of difficulties.

Do this all as the WHOLE you. Not the tiny fragments or small parts of your true self.

Yes, it’s time. It’s time because a life lived in fractions is no life at all. It’s time to decide to add up all of your pieces and shine the entirety of you.

Be Honest and Truthful with Yourself!


-Harmony Heals